Undergraduate Program 

Study and educational target that educates faculty

Educational purpose

The graduate course in Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems provides additional instruction in electronics, information science and network engineering in order to meet the needs of the advanced mechanical engineering in the emerging communication society.

Study and educational target

  1. Study that acquires the base and expertise related to mechanical engineering enough is done. In the main subject, enough understanding can be obtained by doing the study that pairs with not only the lecture but also the maneuver.
  2. To think by voluntarily instituting the problem as an engineer based on the knowledge of specialty system engineering, to judge, to act, and to support the ability to straighten out that problem, enough study is done. In a word, it thinks from a multipronged aspect by studying the machine design drafting, the mechanical engineering experiment, and the graduation research and the judged flexible thinking ability is acquired.
  3. The ability to understand what tries to support the ability to make the other party plainly understand an own idea, and to tell by the other party is studied. In the mechanical engineering seminar etc. , the announcement is obligated to the given problem. Moreover, when it reads in turn and graduation is researched, the announcement is trained to four annuals. The presentation ability is improved above.
  4. The subject of computer literacy, a basic programming, and the maneuver is prepared to improve the information processing ability, and the enhancement of the equipment is aimed at. In addition, the class of the special subject by e ‐ learning is promoted, and talent who can correspond to the advanced communications society is promoted.
  5. To do the raising embodiment making, the interest in the one-making is prepared for the processing study maneuver and the Robomeca atelier (A quite new robot that doesn't exist in the world is created, it participates in the robot contest etc. of NHK, and a lot of prizes are obtained). It thinks voluntarily, and the ability to straighten out that problem is supported. In the graduation research, a similar ability improves further, and consciousness as the engineer is raised.
  6. Ethics that should defend as an engineer are learnt in the subject of the engineer ethics. In addition, the engineer who has ethics that assume the basis of value the consciousness of engineer responsibility by learning a technical failure example, and the contribution of how to use it and the technology of the technology to the human race and the society in consideration of the society and the impact on the environment is promoted.